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Gainer for Weight gain, Muscle gain, Health and Fitness

First of all Defendo products are not just protein supplements but also they are motivation to inspire you for weight gain, muscle gain, health and fitness. Defendo Pure whey protein isolate protein supplements are the best weight gainer, muscle gainer, mass gainer, health and fitness products in India because of its purity. These products contains highest amount of protein, hence offers best results in minimum time.

Since 2013

Defendo is a well known brand manufactured by “Shri Nath & Sons” and marketed by ‘Nutrimates”. Because of its highest purity and best quality products Defendo became the best protein supplement in India. Nutrimates is a subsidiary of Shri Nath and Sons. We first started the company focusing on product manufacturing for Health and Skin care but then we realized the need of our customers and started manufacturing of best weight gainer, muscle gainer, protein supplements using whey protein isolate for  better health and fitness.

Why Choose Us

17 Years of Experience

We have 17 years of experience as product manufacturers and more than 4 years of experience in dietary supplements as well.

Great Results

Great and effective results in no time due to pure ingredients used in Defendo products.

Your Satisfaction

We take consumer healthcare very seriously and understand precisely what the consumer wants and needs. Building consumer’s trust and loyalty remain the core of the brand’s mission.

Our Experts

Our dedicated and experienced team always works to explore what consumer requires. Our inventions are based on the concepts to provide you the best and we are always keen to interact with you.

Richa Bajpai

Richa Bajpai

Chair Person


Rajeev Kumar

Rajeev Kumar

Principle Company Promoter


Prabhat gupta

Prabhat gupta

Digital Marketing Head

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