Q.1 What is protein?
Protein is an integral part of life each type of cell has different functions is due to different protein. From our genetic material DNA and RNA to our hair, nails, skin, many hormone including most important insulin, our immunity, our bones, heart and other muscles, veins and arteries, blood cells, haemoglobin everything is made up of protein.
“It means every cell and tissue are required protein for self-formation.”
Aging is result of decrease in protein formation by body which is required for health and muscle. When we fall sick, our liver makes some important protein to fight with sickness and for this protein formation, amino acids come from our muscles (Muscles are store for protein). This loss of protein from muscle storage causes weakness in body and joint pain.
Q.2 Types of protein
There are many types of protein available in the market. For example:

  • Soya protein (plant protein)
  • Milk solid
  • Whey milk protein (veg.)
  • Casein milk protein (veg.)
  • Egg protein
  • Peanut protein (plant protein)
  • Animal meat extracts
  • Amino acid supplements
Q.3 How to find the best protein for you?
Quality makes something best. Quality majors in terms of protein are:

  • Highest present all Amino acids (Essential and Non-essential both) with digestibility
  • Highest Biological Value (Retention of protein after absorption by body)
  • Highest Nitrogen Protein Utilization (maximum use of protein which is absorbed by body)

Whey Isolate is the purest form of milk protein which has highest percentage of amino acids, highest biological value and highest Nitrogen Protein Utilization. However, the only problem with whey milk protein is, its effect on body remains effective for 3 hours only. It means you will need to take whey milk protein in every 3 hours daily which is not physible.

Casein is also a type of milk protein which is called slow digesting protein. Its remains effective for 18 hours on body after every consumption. It means, mixture of Whey Isolate and Casein can be the best protein.

Whey improves Plasma amino acids (anabolism) levels and Casein reduces protein catabolism.

“Best protein is the combination of Whey Isolate + Casein.”

Whey Isolate is the highly concentrated protein which has up to 99% purity with up to 99% biological value (digestibility) and Casein is known as slow digesting protein which provides long sustained delivery of Amino Acids. It is 100% veg so every person on this earth can take whey protein.

Q.4 Why Defendo is the best whey milk protein powder in India?
Defendo Protein Powder is India’s First and only therapeutic formula to address clinical nutritional needs, Ideal supplement to supply adequate essential amino acid, Optimal amino acid array that maximizes the anabolic effects, Casein and Whey blended Scientifically (60:40), Well balanced blend of Fast digesting WHEY and slow digesting CASEIN, WHEY — Rapid Increase in Amino Acids, CASEIN coupled with calcium — Long sustained delivery of Amino Acids.

Defendo Protein Powder contains:

  • Blended mixture of Whey Isolate and Calcium Caseinate in ratio of 40:60 to provide 24 hours supply of amino acids
  • Offers 100% pure milk protein
  • No added flavors, No colors
  • No fats, No carbohydrates
  • Highest branch chain amino acids with digestibility (BCA)
  • Highest Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER)
  • Highest outcome of supplementation
  • Highest Biological Value
  • Highest Nitrogen Protein Utilization
  • Highest utilization of each dose
  • Highest Protein Digestibility% (PD)
Q.5 What is the difference between DEFENDO and other protein powders available in the market?
DEFENDO is designed exclusively for INDIANS as per Indian dietary habits. Indian diet is based on Wheat, Rice, Pulses, Ghee, and Butter, Oils that are rich in carbohydrates and Fats but very less protein. We merely consume 25 to 30% of daily protein requirement in our daily diet. Product sold by name of proteins are designed as per western diet which is high in protein and fat but less of carbohydrates, so they are not protein, actually that carbohydrates with some quantity of protein. DEFENDO is 100% protein from milk protein; DEFENDO gives a missing link of high-quality protein for Indian diet and supplies all essential amino acids to protect your health and fitness. So instead of giving energy from carbohydrates (Sugar), DEFENDO gives pure protein.
Q.6 Is DEFENDO a Vegetarian Product? What is the difference between DEFENDO and vegetarian Plant Proteins like soy protein or peanut and pulses protein?
DEFENDO is 100% milk protein and milk is vegetarian’s food, hence DEFENDO is a vegetarian product. On the other hand, Vegetarian Plant proteins are derived mainly from seeds, like Pulses (Dals), Bengal Gram (Channa), Peas, Peanut, soybean etc. All seeds have to germinate into a new plant hence nature has given some enzymes and chemicals in the seed which inhibits digestion of protein. So due to enzymes and chemicals, the human digestive system cannot digest and absorb this protein completely. Plant proteins are also considered as incomplete protein as essential amino acids required for human use are not present or present in very less quantity. Popular soy protein contains a chemical similar to female sex hormone Estrogens, as the use of steroid hormones in children’s, young adults and aging males Leeds to dangerous side effects, so this is not advisable to use soy protein. Soy protein also has very less retention (Biological Value or BV) in the body and passes through kidney; this can cause serious kidney problems for regular users. In nutshell, this is very difficult for the human body to use plant protein efficiently. DEFENDO is pure and 100% protein from milk. DEFENDO is very easy to digest and absorb. DEFENDO has high retention in the body and body can use protein from DEFENDO very efficiently.
Q.7 What are the parameters to know protein quality, how DEFENDO score over other proteins on protein quality?
Protein quality can be measure on various parameters, like quantity of protein in product (Quantitative Quality) Essential Amino acid present in protein and human digestive system’s capability to digest and absorb the protein (PDCASS) Retention of protein (Nitrogen) after absorption by body (Biological Value or BV) Use of protein (Retained Nitrogen) by the body (Nitrogen protein Utilization or Net Protein Utilization NPU) DEFENDO has the highest score on all protein quality parameters, like DEFENDO has highest quantity of essential amino acids i.e. 37.2% of (3.72gm. in 10gm. Powder) and highest amount of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs 18.34% of (1.83gm. in 10gm. Dose) DEFENDO has highest PDCASS of 1.0 and Highest Biological Value approx 100 and NPU of 92. So DEFENDO is the only protein among all which has the highest score on all protein quality parameters.
Q.8 DEFENDO is without colour and flavour, is it palatable in taste?
DEFENDO has a taste of milk but without the sweetness of milk because sweetness in milk is due to lactose (Sugar or carbohydrate) which is nil in DEFENDO. There is no change in taste of milk after adding DEFENDO; DEFENDO gives a good taste in juice, chach, lassi, curd, cold drink. DEFENDO can be added to the floor for chapatti or parantha without altering the taste.
Q.9 Is DEFENDO safe for all age and in pregnancy?
Unlike plant-based or soy protein which has some steroidal content, DEFENDO is made-up of natural milk, DEFENDO is pure milk protein without added any artificial thing. DEFENDO is safe for children, adults and old individuals. DEFENDO supports to maintain healthy pregnancy during entire pregnancy period. During lactation, DEFENDO is an ideal supplement to promote milk production and give healthy milk composition for better growth of the newborn infant.
Q.10 What is ideal dose for DEFENDO?
Indian standards for protein intake as per Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Avg adult requirement is 1.1gm. per kg. body weight. It means you multiply your weight by 1.1 that is daily protein requirement for you. Exp. Your weight is 60kg if you multiply 60 x 1.1 = 66gm. Is your daily protein need. In Healthy conditions, we recommend average 33 to 40% of daily need should be by DEFENDO means you need approx DEFENDO 25 to 30gm. per day. It should be divided into two or three dosages. In compromised health conditions or in special needs like obesity, growth, pregnancy please asks consultant nutritionist or your Doctor or calls us for appropriate dose.

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