Codli – E (Pack of 30 capsules)


  • Helps in brain and retina deployment
  • Reduces Clot formation and dissolve Fibrin
  • Reduces Muscle pain & Lameness
  • Improves Cardiac Blood supply
  • Improves Immune system response
  • Increases vitamin E absorption by 30%


Codli-E Capsule


(Cod liver Oil 300mg + Grape Seed Extract 150mg + Vitamin C 50mg + Vitamin E Acetate (75 iu) 75mg)


Codli-E capsules has different advantages in different conditions like:


  1. Pregnancy and Lactation:
  • Helps in the Brain & Retina Development of Foetus & Breast fed Baby.
  • Strengthen Placenta, reduces the risk of pre-term delivery
  • Vitamin E and Codli-E prevents IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Retardation)


  1. Infertility:
    • In Women: Vitamin E and EPA/DHA regulate reproductive processes like Ovulation & Fertilization.
    • In Men: DHA in Codli-E is an important constituent of sperm.

 Vitamin –E increases formation of normal spermatozoa & prevents oxidation of Sperm.


  1. Women on Contraceptive pills:
    • Contraceptive pills deplete Vitamin E levels & increase clot formation.
    • Codli-E reduces clot formation & dissolve Fibrin naturally.


  1. Dysmenorrhea:

Vitamin E & EPA/DHA offer pain relief in Dysmenorrhea.


  1. Varicose Veins:

Vitamin E in Codli-E reduces muscle pain & lameness by improving peripheral circulation.


  1. Muscle creamps & Intermittent Claudication:

EPA/DHA from Codli-E by vasodilation improve oxygen supply & reduce Clot formation.


  1. Cardiac problems:

Vitamin E from Coldi-E improves cardiac blood supply & prevents arrhythmias. Cod liver oil from Codli-E reduces triglycerides.


  1. Vision problems:

Vitamin E from Codli-E promotes good vision by reducing the risk of Cataract.


  1. Decreased Immunity:

Codli-E improves Immune response & builds resistance.


  1. Other benefits:
    1. Cod Liver Oil in Codli-E increases absorption of Vitamin E by 30%.
    2. Vitamin E prevents the lipid peroxidation of cod liver oil.


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