Cyclowiz Syrup


  • Excellent patient compliance
  • Offers relief in pain
  • Offers excellent benefits in nonspecific leucorrhea
  • Highly effective in menorrhagia
  • Helps to regain confidence


Cyclowiz Syrup

The pristine herbs in CYCLOWIZ makes it friendly and safe. The combination of ingredients in CYCLOWIZ:

  • It contains Ashoka, Yashtimdhu, Ulathkamal, Triphla, Gokshur and Daruhardra which are herbal elements to avoid many health problems.CYCLOWIZ helps to regain confidence by:
    • strengthen the muscles of the uterus
    • Reduce uterine discharge
    • Offers relief in pain & uterine spasm
    • Highly effective in menorrhagia
    • Offers good hemostasis activity
    • Does not stimulate growth of estrogen-sensitive tissue
    • Offers excellent benefits in non-specific leucorrhoea


    Cyclowiz has:

    • Excellent Patient compliance
    • Excellent taste with palatable American ice cream and mix fruit flavor.
    • No bitter taste because of world class masking agent
    • Standardized extract for predictable therapeutic activity
    • Special vehicle for best pharmacokinetic profile of drugs


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