Defendo-All Soya Protein Isolate (150 gm)


  • All essential and non-essential Amino acids
  • 88% guaranteed milk protein with 100% purity
  • Combination of Soya Isolate and Calcium Caseinate
  • 24 hours long sustained delivery of Amino Acids
  • Up to 99% biological value (BV)
  • Maximum digestibility


Defendo-All Soya Protein Isolate

Provides Quality and Rich Protein. It contains 88% pure milk protein. It is a combination if Soya isolate and calcium Caseinate in ratio of 40:60 to provide long sustained delivery of Amino acids. It is best protein supplement for bodybuilding, mass gain and weight gain. It is the best suitable meal replacement and food supplement for kids. It keeps your kids active all day and helps in their growth mentally and physically both.

Defendo-All has many other benefits like:



  • Helps in Gestational Weight Gain
  • Promote Mothers Health & Reduce Risk of SGA Birth
  • Reduce Post Delivery Problems (Fattiness)
  • Protein is essential for development of Healthy Child
  • It helps in FOLLICULAR TEST
  • It is FREE FROM LACTOSE, so Diabetic patients can also consume it.
  • It helps in BREAST FEEDING
  • Hair Loss is a Big Problem (Skin, Hair & Nail made up of PROTEIN) Defendo-All provides protein for Skin, Hair & Nail problems.
  • Defendo-All helps with Steroids that need co-prescription of Protein



Defendo-All helps in all type of NEGATIVE NITROGEN LOSS during any type of Surgery & Replaces the Additional Daily Loss in Sepsis and Trauma.



Body stops the synthesis of protein in old age. For essential and non-essential protein, body requires additional protein as supplements. Defendo-AII fulfills the requirement of body and Boost up the stamina and energy



  • Reduce obesity
  • Quality protein for healthy brain
  • Additional Branched Chain Amino Acids for additional protein
  • Reduces white adipose tissue.


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