HP Lotion


  • Anti-dandruff solution
  • Superior combination of herbs for shining hairs
  • Prevents greying of hairs
  • Helps to prevent hair fall
  • Stimulates roots to provide good strength to hairs


Benefits of HP Lotion:

  • HP Lotion helps to control Hair fall, Alopecia.
  • It helps to get Stronger & Thicker Hair.
  • It offers you natural freedom from Dandruff.
  • It checks for Greying.
  • HP Lotion is a Superior combination of herbs for shiny hairs.
  • Regular use promotes hair growth by stimulating the roots.
  • It has Kuth which prevents premature greying of hair.
  • Kapoor, kachari & Neem act as anti-microbial prevents and treat Dandruff.
  • Amla contents Antioxidants in the form of Vitamin C, will increase the tenacity of your hair and prevent hair fall, premature greying.
  • Brahmi & Shankpushpi boost up the growth of hair.
  • Gunja can work marvellous for rejuvenation of morbid hair follicles.
  • Bhringraj makes hair grow thicker, tones the scalp and enhances hair shine & it (Eclipta Alba) also grows hair quicker than Minoxidil.


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