• Accelerate recovery
  • Ensure protection from Alcohol induced hepatic damage
  • Prevents Liver damage
  • Eliminates toxic intermediates
  • Takes good care of Liver


Livowiz Syrup (Natural Liver Protector)

The pristine herbs in LIVOWIZ makes it Liver friendly and safe. The classical combination in LIVOWIZ has choir of

  • Bringraj:

    Which corrects liver disorders and enlargement, improves and regulates the liver function

  • Bhumyaamlaki:

    The leaves that effectively control jaundice

  • Pitapapda:

    A great stomach astringent with powerful anthelmintic properties

  • Kutaki:

    That stimulates the functions of the liver, increase the bile flow and acts as a mild purgative.


Together with other ingredients:

  • Eliminates toxic intermediates and clears toxins, prevents fatty infiltration and helps to cure diseases.
  • It corrects the functioning of body and helps to cure the Liver problems.
  • It promotes hepato cellular regeneration and also protects from loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane.
  • It helps to maintain Cytochrome P-450.
  • It is useful to Accelerate the recovery and ensures early restoration of Hepatic functions.
  • It Facilitates Rapid Elimination of Acetaldehyde and ensure protection from Alcohol induced Hepatic Damager.
  • It reduces the Lipotropic Activity in Chronic Alcoholism prevents Fatty Liver and arrests the progress of the disease and prevents further Liver damage in pre-cirrhotic conditions.


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